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Darcy Jahn, Sales Associate and Sarasota native, obtained her real estate license in Naples in 1990. After growing up in Sarasota she moved to Naples and sold advertising for the Naples Daily News during the real estate boom when Naples was the fastest growing County in the country in the early 1990’s. One of her advertising clients was a well known realtor and they became quick friends and she started sitting open houses and learning about the gorgeous Naples coast.
Darcy continued selling advertising on Marco Island for another two years. She won multiple awards in her sales career while at the Daily News competing with a sales force of over 20 teammates. She then worked for a developer and learned about new construction before becoming a stay at home mom for 10 years to her four beautiful children. She re-kindled her love of real estate again in 2010. She is currently working on her broker license, loves spending time with her almost grown kids, loves all sports especially golf, running & fishing, and mission work with her church.

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Tom M.
Permit me to comment upon the rare ability which Al Dumas has to “make a market”. Over many years in dealing with real estate, I have observed that seller’s frequently overprice property either from greed or from not having researched the market. Buyers often are unrealistic in their expectations for the same reasons. As a result, there is a costly delay in bringing the buyer and seller together which often creates dissatisfaction on both sides. Al has the patience and diplomacy to help both sides to adjust to the reality of the marketplace. This creates a timely market where both buyer and seller get something for value which is, by definition, a good deal. I look forward to working again with Al. I can depend upon him to tell me the truth and give me the facts.
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

Donald R.

You recently recommended Realtor Al Dumas to me in connection with the sale of my condominium. Al is a real professional-he knows the realty market, how to establish a price, and how to market the property. Above all, he is a gentleman. The listing went into MLS on a Friday and my property was first shown the following Monday. On Wednesday Al met with me to present an offer. He first reviewed the Residential Purchase and Sale Contract that the buyer had prepared and alerted me to the inherent problems he had with the contract in that certain key portion’s favored the buyers. In addition, their offer was substantially below our fair asking price. Al advised me not to make a counter-offer. Instead, he stated that he would go back to the buyer and their broker and ask them to “clean up their contract” and make a reasonable offer, at which time we would be glad to negotiate with them. The next day the buyer presented a newly worded contract and substantially increased their offer. We accepted their contract terminology and made a counter-offer. The next day the buyer accepted our counter offer and the new contract was initialed by the parties involved. Nine days from signing with Al to the sale of my property at a good price – I think that’s terrific. I very much appreciate you referring Al to me.
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

Jennifer & John S.
Al Dumas guided us expertly through buying a new home and selling our previous house. We had very specific requirements for the new home, and he helped us find exactly what we were looking for. The advice he’s able to give after so many successful years in the business is invaluable. He knew exactly how to prepare our old home for a quick sale… and quick it was! We accepted an offer the same day it went on the market. Al is professional, patient, he communicates well, and he’s able to lay out the facts, helping us take emotion out of the picture and make practical decisions. We couldn’t recommend Al more highly, and we wouldn’t use anyone else!
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

Jon & Becky M.
Al Dumas was instrumental in the sale and successful closing of my late father’s home in Forest Lakes. My father had a very unusual, hard to market house with many issues and a strange layout due to decades of renovations and conversions. Al quickly saw the potential and made a short list of the items that we could correct without losing money. He recommended a contractor who got the work done quickly and stayed on budget. Thankfully, after about 6 weeks we got an acceptable offer and closed promptly. I highly recommend Al and will use him again in my next real estate transaction.
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

Dot K.
When we decided to sell our rental houses we knew that the next important decision was to choose the right realtor to work with. We had read that one should meet and talk with several realtors before making that decision and that is what we were doing. Then a friend with much praise for your professionalism and efficiency said, “You must meet with Al Dumas and check him out. He’s the best.” So we did and you are! We’ve been comfortable working with you for a lot of reasons. Here are some of them: You’re a full time realtor showing maximum interest in us; You’re highly professional in appearance and manners; You’re honest, straightforward, tactful and friendly; you’ve been tolerant and patient with us; You’ve helped us by sharing your knowledge when we asked for advice on improvements and contacts for them; You’re energetic and active in promoting the properties; You kept us informed and we never wondered what was happening. It has been great to actually see our listings TURN TO SOLD. We made the right choice.
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

Scott & Cindy G.
I wanted to thank you for the successful sale of our home. From beginning to end, you were very patient with us and explained all the real estate terms and procedures, step by step. At no time did I ever feel that you were rushing us along or pressuring us to sign papers before we understood everything. You gave us suggestions for small improvements to enhance the appearance of the house and that really paid off. An offer was placed the day before the house actually went on the market. Our home was sold and even at the closing, you were there to give support if needed. We appreciated all your time and hard work. Thank you again for making our home selling experience stress free.
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

Kathy & Dave A.
Al has represented my husband and me in the sale and/or purchase of three separate properties. He has more knowledge and is more professional than anyone I’ve met in real estate (or most other fields, for that matter). Al is truly an expert. He will guide you through the process smoothly, without imposing his opinions or feelings. If you ask a question, he will answer you truthfully and thoughtfully. I can’t say enough favorable about Al Dumas and would never consider using another Realtor. The questions below do not demonstrate my experience, as we have had the privilege of doing business with Al three times since the 90s.
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

Jonathan A.
Please have this letter serve as a professional recommendation for Al Dumas and his office staff. The Al Dumas Team has consistently brought professionalism and knowledge to the real estate table for many years. I have used them both for sales of personally owned homes and homes owned in both Estates and Trusts. I have personally know Al for 15 years, and have had multiple business dealings with him. I feel confident in Al’s Real Estate expertise and his vast knowledge of the local, ever changing market. Al seems to have a consistent pulse on our community and I would highly recommend his services.
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

Judy W.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Al and his team and I have to say that the experience was GREAT! Selling your home can be very stressful, but with Al it was anything but. He made a few suggestions as to how to better prepare my home for potential buyers and I received a full price offer the first day! In my life I have bought and sold several properties, but things NEVER went as smoothly and I have never worked with a more professional team. Al Dumas and his team are the BEST!!!!
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

Anne B.
I want to thank you for your very courteous and efficient handling of the sale of our lot on Ranger Lane on Longboat Key. We were very pleased with your services and if ever I need a realtor 1n the Sarasota area again, I would certainly call on you. We appreciated the benefit of your knowledge of the developments regarding building on Longboat and feel we were fortunate to have you represent us.
Testimonial For: Al Dumas & Team – Rating: 5 of 5

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